Wednesday, November 9, 2016

RoryOlogy - The morning after................

We will never come together and work through our differences if we (to put it bluntly) keep getting our panties in a bundle. We will never see issues through another’s eyes if we keep closing our eyes as well as our minds to all who are different in any way from who we are. If we truly want to be one and work to make life good for all, take a moment and reflect on how you would want to be treated as the defeated. After all, at some point in time the party you vote for will lose. 

Treat all as you would want to be treated, remember those who are down when you are up. When in the minority, remember the majority won and if you are part of the majority, remember the minority may not always be the minority!

Now pull up them britches and stop bitching and celebrating – we have a job to do and it starts with the attitude of ALL regardless of party affiliations.

A good start might be instead of using Facebook as a place to let everyone know where you are afraid we are going, how about using Facebook not unlike that device known as blinkers as a way of letting fellow Americans know where you are planning to go. If you have chosen a smarter more effective path, perhaps you will lead the way to coming together as one.

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