Friday, September 12, 2014

It Starts At Home....................

13 years ago yesterday the hero’s on Flight 93 did what they could in the war on terrorism in the US. Since that time, organizations and people associated with “domestic terrorist” groups have had unfettered access to politicians and have been driving bills and legislation. It is unfortunate that we have allowed ourselves to back slide after so many have given their lives since 9-11 to protect the rights of US citizens. In honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice it is time replace all legislators who have granted access to people and organizations with ties to domestic terrorism.

It starts at home and until we rid ourselves of those with that love to use hate and fear to dictate our lives we will never win the war against these evil doers!

Let’s roll and start voting out those legislative members that have gotten into bed with individuals and organizations with ties to domestic terrorist groups, like the Animal Liberation Front or honored in their "Hall of Fame".

The only way we as a nation will win the war on terror is if we remove the hate, fear and destruction these individuals and organizations cause right here at home!

I for one will never forget and will never vote for nor support a legislature or candidate that has allowed unfettered access to people and organizations with direct connections to domestic terrorists such as the Animal Liberation Front. Always take that extra step to inform yourself about the candidates you are voting for.

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