Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Greed Bucket Challenge..............

Here is a challenge for the greyhounds -

The Humane Society of the United States has been challenged to donate 50% of the money they raise to local shelters instead of the 1% they have been contributing. So far this challenge has gone 1,552 plus days without being accepted.


Why do “humane advocate protectors” want to horde the money for themselves instead of using it for the actual animals that they use in their ads that generate the donations?

The greyhound world has its own “humane advocate protectors" 
that use greyhounds and photographs of greyhound for personal profit. Right now “humane advocate protectors” are using a photo of a greyhound from a very tragic situation that happened in 2010 and a donate button is clearly labeled so that the reader can send money to help greyhounds. Unfortunately money donated to these “humane advocate protectors” has very little chance of helping a single greyhound; instead it is used to fund the personal lifestyles of hate filled “humane advocate protectors”. 

Here is a challenge which I predict will never be accepted. I challenge the “humane advocate protectors” to donate every penny they raise from this current grab-for-cash and give 100% of it to the adoption groups that actually volunteered to help the dogs from the 2010 incident. Greyhound adoption groups are truly the ones that help greyhounds both physically and financially every day of the year. Unpaid leaders and volunteers of greyhound adoption groups don't get the perks of many “humane advocate protectors" who use their donations for salaries, trips and other unidentified miscellaneous expenses.    

So I challenge the "humane advocate protectors" that to date have only given 2% or less of the cash raised to the greyhounds to end the greed and return the money to the groups that will actually use it to help greyhounds.

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