Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Remember how that word was tossed around by the “humane advocate protectors” movement years ago? 

Now imagine if the “humane advocate protectors” came across a picture on social media of an individual, in say the racing industry, doing something blatantly stupid with an animal. They’d be posting condemnation, starting petitions and of course asking for donations so that they could fund more fact finding vacations, personal hobby excursions, salaries and other perks all in the name of keeping animals safe.

Now why in the world are they remaining silent when one of their own did something blatantly stupid? Allowing a rescued animal to sit on their lap while driving and then taking a selfie to post on social media? What type of message is this sending? 

Certainly they are aware that driving with a dog on your lap can lead to a distraction that may cause an accident, injury or death.

Certainly they are aware that using a cell phone camera while driving can lead to a distraction that may cause an accident, injury or death.

While they abhor even the mention of the term "dog crate", certainly they must be aware that the safest place for a newly rescued dog would be in a crate in the back seat so that if there were an accident, the dog would not be crushed by the airbag while sitting in the lap of the driver.

Just how important would that selfie have been then?

One thing I will give the industry credit for – when someone did something stupid, the industry took care of it and often times the individual was banned from the industry. Do the “humane advocate protectors” censure and remove their own when found to have put an animal at risk? Or are they allowed to remain as a voice of the “humane advocate protectors”? Where is the accountability, transparency and for the safety of the dogs the “humane advocate protectors” have personal contact with? Where is their animal safety and welfare training? Why do they fail to find fault with themselves?

Imagine a world where those who abuse, mistreat animals - regardless if they claim to be "humane advocate protectors" - would follow the standards they demand of others.

Of course, the “humane advocate protectors” will rally and cry that none of this is true. A "humane advocate protector" was out doing good deeds and wanted to show the world. A "humane advocate protector" would never do anything stupid like drive with a dog on their lap or take a selfie while driving with a dog on their lap. They will of course say the photo was staged.

Fact or fiction? Actual photo or staged photo? Stupidity or heartstring tugger?

Imagine if we knew how many things circulated by the  "humane advocate protectors" are staged or twisted to be advantageous to their fundraising.

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