Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finding My Sleep Number...........

I recently attended a greyhound event and spent four nights in a hotel that used the sleep number bed system.  I stay in hotels quite a lot and the biggest thing I want out of a room is a good night’s sleep. I had no idea how difficult it was to get a good night sleep when I had no clue what my sleep number was!!

Each night I tried a new number but to no avail. 

An organization that claims to be “greyhound advocates” can be a lot like a sleep number bed. You see the surface presentation and think "This is exactly what I want.", Yet when you take the time to really investigate what they are offering and what you are supporting, you find out they are not the solution and what they offer does not directly assist greyhounds.

They work to pocket as much money as they can.
They spread unrest and discomfort.
They do not adopt/place/foster/transport ex-racing greyhounds. And in some cases they do not even share their life with a greyhound.
They are not comfy. 
They destroy.

Unfortunately the greyhound community has an organization that claims to be advocates for the dogs, but when one looks at all the numbers, does a bit of research, learns the history, reviews all the various state fillings (you have to dig deep because they creatively hide many things) you find out over 50% of all money goes directly to benefit (salaries, expenses, etc.) of two individuals. 

You will also discover EXACTLY how much is used to adopt/place/foster/transport etc. ex-racing greyhounds.

It’s OK if you want to be anti-racing. I just suggest you make sure the organization you support is truly what you thought them to be and your donations go directly to greyhound dogs and not to fluff up an organizations sleep number mattress.

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  1. I love your blogs and keep up the greyt work! I have been owned by 3 retired racer, 2 Galgos and a Sloughi and am part owner of a racer-in-training. WE need more advocates who can speak to all sides of the issue as kindly and firmly as you have here.