Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Those True Eyes!

I have been privileged with the ability to visit greyhound farms, tracks & kennels all over this great land of ours. I've talked directly, eye to eye in person, with greyhound owners, trainers and track personnel. I have met greyhounds of all ages in various stages of their development ~ from birth thru adoption. And yes I have been with my own and others when it was time to say goodbye. 

I have made these trips at my own expense without the need to solicit funds from the public for my "greyhound education". I wanted to see with my own eyes and of my own free will.

Greyhounds never fail to make me smile. Sometimes they will smile back. And while I have seen thousands of happy dogs over the 18 years and counting of my greyhound journey, I have also met many happy people like the good, honest hardworking trainers who do indeed treat the greyhounds as their personal pets. People like Betty, Donna, John, Jenny, Buddy. Who's care not only benefits the greyhounds while they race but also prepares them to understand the love of a human when it is time for them to retire and jump on the couch of their new family.

The eyes tell the story and the story is that of love and passion. Why does everyone agree that greyhounds do indeed make wonderful pets? It is, in part, due to the dogs knowing and receiving love and passion from their trainers.

As always, do not blindly believe what I say or what some advocates write about. Find out for yourself. 

Go see the eyes, see the passion. 

See why so many of us feel that greyhounds are the best.


  1. Buddy is an outstanding individual. He rocks and his love & attention to his greyhound charges shows in their eyes, their wagging tails, and everything else about them.

  2. My dog spent the first five years of his life in the racing life. He loves everyone--young, old, every shape and size. He is clearly a dog who has been treated by humans with kindness. Thank you, Rory, for speaking out