Monday, September 12, 2016

Excuse #1 - They have paid their debt to society.

Many in the greyhound community say that a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration has paid their debt to society and the individual's molestation of two innocent children was a long time ago. 

Actually the individual is still paying on that debt to society in the form of being required by law to register for life as a lifetime sex offender due to the sexual assault of two innocent children. And while not all child molesters are required to register for life, it is only those who commit the most serious assaults and who experts in the judicial system, law enforcement and child protective services believe to be a lifetime risk. If an individual is required to register for life as a sex offender, why are there some in the greyhound community who feel this is nothing to worry about?

Will board of directors of organizations, and in particular a board on which such an individual sits and who have personal responsibility for this individual, be warning all attendees and hosting establishments of such an individual's presence so that all attendees and hosting establishments at such events are given full disclosure, much the same as communities do when a registered sex offender moves into a city or town, in order to make attendees and local residents in the area aware of the liabilities and risks?

The excuse is moot. A debt to society is still owed and the community has a valid and existing reason to know about an individual that may be standing beside them and their families at family friendly greyhound events.

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