Friday, August 19, 2016

Live By The Contract.

As a consultant I deal with contracts. Every job requires a detailed contract which is not just for the client’s protection but equally for my own protection. Contracts outline expectations for all involved and spell out reasons that a contract may be cancelled and they also detail the scenario should one of the parties need to exercise legal rights as agreed upon in in the contract, such as where it will be litigated and who will be responsible for expenses of winning party.

Remembering my first greyhound adoption contract, I read it not just on adoption day but referred back to it several times to ensure I was in compliance with what I signed. I cared deeply for my greyhound Anna Marie and never wanted to bring harm to her by acting stupidly and violating the contract I signed and agreed to abide by. It is something that I still do to this day each time I sign a greyhound adoption contract.

Events and situations of the last year have left me wondering if we suddenly have a culture of greyhound adopters who think they are entitled to willfully violate the terms of a contract they signed. Are they merely paying lip service to rules and guidance set by experienced greyhound adoption groups to ensure the safety and well-being of the greyhound they place? As the saying goes, stupid is as stupid does and willfully violating the adoption contract is not only stupid, it reveals an extreme lack of respect and understanding of the greyhound they have contractually agreed to be responsible for.

Some may say I’m biased in this view because I was once part of the Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) family.

No, not bias at all...unless there are those that would feel that being respectful and grateful to those who do a job that is often times lacking in respect and gratitude is a bad thing. The nationwide volunteers of GPA not only do wonderful things for ex-racing greyhounds with no financial compensation or receiving a salary, they also from time-to-time have to do what is morally right for the greyhounds they have placed, even if the social media mavens chastise them.

If you don’t like it when a volunteer has to stand up to ensure the protection and well-being of an adopted greyhound by enforcing the terms of a signed contract, perhaps it is time to get off Facebook and get into the day-to-day adoption trenches so that you can learn that the enforcement of a signed adoption contract is not an opening to harass adoption volunteers simply because you and friends think you are above any contract that you sign nor is it an action that an adoption group takes willy-nilly and without legal counsel.

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