Wednesday, December 31, 2014


As the year comes to a close, let's look back on just a few items that were brought to all of our attentions in 20014 regarding “humane advocate protectors”:

1.   A co-founder of a protection organization is involved in unregulated dog racing yet the protection organization seems only interested in destroying para-mutual greyhound racing industry and the racing greyhound as generations have known and loved the breed.

2.   A co-founder of a protection organization has not told the full story regarding an incident used time and again for what is perceived by many to be distortion of the truth and an easy way to garner donations for personal use and a political agenda.

3.  Several “humane advocate protectors" are unwilling to give their support to a safety bill for racing greyhounds which makes it perfectly clear that they have no interest in ensuring racing greyhounds receive the utmost safety and care during their racing careers.
I know many of you are tired of the “humane advocate protectors” selective prosecution of a whole industry, we are tired of them lying time and time again and all we ask for is the whole truth about them to be exposed since they will not tell the truth about themselves or the greyhounds!

What interesting truths about “humane advocate protectors" will come to light in 2015? Like they say, truth is stranger than fiction.


  1. Why don't we just cut the nonsense. The "Humane Advocate Protectors" (HAPS) do not want SAFE greyhounds. The HAPS want DEAD greyhounds. Whenever they talk about racing, a body count is sure to follow. They regularly post photos of themselves at tracks, hanging around like vultures, hoping a greyhound gets killed, take pictures, and exploit the pictures of the dead greyhound for money. If no greyhounds get killed, then take pictures of the "Gentleman's Club" down the road. They should have learned by now that greyhound track customers do not go to the track to play chess.

  2. Have to agree with the fact that the 'HAPS' do not want safe greyhounds and have been involved in preventing passage of a bill to ensure safety of greyhounds... All they want is money so they can travel around and spew their lies, and pay lobbyists. IRS figures tell quite a story...