Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shoulders Back, Head High..............

While serving in the U.S.Navy, I found out that the person who had been my recruiter when I enlisted was on a ship that was at the same pier as the finest cruiser in the world, the USS Jouett CG-29. I went to the quarterdeck of my recruiter's ship and asked for him and was asked why I was visiting. I mentioned he had been my recruiter. They called him and said some guy he recruited was looking for him. He never showed up. I later caught up with him on the pier one day and chatted with him. I asked why he didn’t show up on the quarterdeck. He replied that he was afraid it might be someone ticked that they got stuck in the Navy due to some fudged comments he may have made to meet his quota.

Act today knowing tomorrow you can have no fear, let those with fear, fear the exposure of the truth!

Keep comments professional, let those who have based themselves on lies continue to make the comments that expose them for what they are – Ones who can’t speak truthfully about the greyhounds!

Let others fear the childish behavior they continually stoop to, trying to drag down those of us who have the truth and dogs on our side!

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