Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Clueless Cat............

A few weeks ago I visited a greyhound farm in Kansas. As we approached the farm I noticed a cat in one of the turnout areas. I mentioned that the cat must be brave to the kennel operator. The kennel operator quickly informed me that it was a clueless cat for being in an area that a greyhound would venture into. I thought about it and yes it made sense. The cat was not brave, and like many who cloak themselves as “humane advocate protectors”, this cat had no clue about dealing with or understanding the nature of a greyhound. The cat was clueless for venturing into areas it had no knowledge of or experience with but acting as if it knew all.

Why would anyone support “humane advocate protectors” who spend donated money to tarnish and defile anyone who questions them? Why would anyone support these “humane advocate protectors” who have zero experience with understanding greyhounds? Why support “humane advocate protectors” who personally profit from the donations of individuals that accept without question what is placed before them and thus allow the “humane advocate protectors” to continue to discredit anyone who questions their tactics?

Don’t be a clueless cat – get out and learn about greyhounds and their history and the people who share their lives from birth to adoption - after all the only thing you have to fear is the truth.

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