Friday, June 9, 2017

The Bully Pulpit of West Virginia...............

On January 21ST of 2017 a delegate from the State of West Virginia made the above post on her Facebook page.

Today this same delegate is using pictures and stories from other countries attacking the very livelihood of hundreds of West Virginians.

I would hope this delegate knows it will be difficult to make West Virginia great again with all the falsehood attacks and images from other countries inferring that it is in actuality West Virginia.

As a Republican, I must say this particular delegate is an embarrassment to the party and if she were a Democrat she’d be an embarrassment to them as well.

Oh, but this particular delegate was not done telling others how they should conduct themselves. In response to the above post, the delegate had this to say:

May I offer up a word of advice here……… Madame Delegate, since you have used Facebook as a personal bully pulpit the last couple of days against hard working, tax paying citizens of West Virginia, give it a rest and resort to what old timers in politics called discovery legislative practices. That is, you investigate, you learn, you debate and then you vote, you do not listen to lobbyists from other states, you do the will of the people locally!

And politicians wonder why so many Americans are tired and fed up with the political shenanigans of Republicans and Democrats acting all high and mighty while belittling the other side!

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