Wednesday, December 30, 2015

“humane advocate protectors” war on…

Over the last few months this blog has been focused on a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration in the family friendly greyhound adoption community. Please don't think I have forgotten about all those “humane advocate protectors”. Perhaps you have noticed that in all this time the ones who claim to be the righteous ones regarding all things greyhounds have remained silent on the subject of a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration running and organizing family friendly greyhound events and being involved with organizing and transporting greyhounds to adoption groups on the “humane advocate protectors” approved group listing. I know I've noticed.

Do you think the “humane advocate protectors” would remain silent if the convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration had been a racing supporter, involved with a pro-racing greyhound adoption group or in the racing industry? Nope. No doubt they would have hopped on the bandwagon to condemn the individual and attach a handy donation button to every war cry, expecting those highly prized donation dollars to come rolling in to bankroll the worldwide jaunts and expenditures. Is it possible that they feel that if the individual is not connected to racing and was convicted of abusing children and not greyhounds, it's no big whoop if a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration is part of the family friendly greyhound adoption community?

Remember when a “humane advocate protector” board member made racist comments and rather than condemn the comments all the head profiteers could muster was a remark about "spoke stupidly"?

Many things worry me: untruths and manipulations by “humane advocate protectors”, a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration running family friendly greyhound adoption community events, a convicted rapist running an adoption program that has potential adopters coming into his home, which recently mysteriously burned down but was rebuilt thanks to donation dollars from the adoption community. Maybe even donations from “humane advocate protectors”. Who can say? But I do know that in a letter to the editor article a “humane advocate protector" board member wrote:

 “Congratulations to all involved in (insert name of adoption group), Inc. for devoted and tireless work promoting greyhound adoption. Special kudos to (insert convicted rapist's name here) for extolling greyhounds’ virtues and for informing the public of their needs as they begin well-deserved better lives in loving homes.”

As the “humane advocate protector" board member was speaking on behalf of the hate based “humane advocate protector” organization, was this approval of the rape of a pregnant woman or “humane advocate protectors” viewing animal abuse as far more heinous than rape or molesting children or just another "spoke stupidly" blunder? Or could it be that the “humane advocate protectors” concerns for greyhounds stops as soon as the greyhounds are retired and that they could care less about anyone or anything regarding greyhound adoption? 

As we move forward to 2016, I will continue to ring the bell exposing the “humane advocate protectors”, the convicted child molester, the rapist and others in our community and the connections they have. I will hope that such individuals see the damage they are doing to the greyhound adoption community and willingly step away, proving at least that the care and safety of greyhounds truly come first. And I implore each and every one of you who care about the racing greyhound, the retired greyhound and the greyhound adoption community to make sure all legislature members know EXACTLY who they are talking to, who they are supporting and who they are accepting donations from.

In closing, may I wish a Happy New Year to all who continue to do the right thing for the greyhounds and do it for the right reasons and not a pat on the back or to win a popularity contest! You are truly the pure of heart.


  1. Well said and keep on trucking Rory!!!

  2. Bravo! I cannot believe how many people are either blinded by this person's lies or chosen blatant ignorance. The truth is easily accessible, yet they welcome him with open arms because he claims to want to help greyhounds. I have no doubt he told his young, innocent victims he wanted to help them too. All I can say to those continuing to support him is to PLEASE WAKE UP! DO THE RESEARCH ON THE PERCENTAGE OF REOFFENDING. Just because no one else has come forward, doesn't mean he's "cured"! Most children that are molested can't or won't come forward until well into adulthood, which is also well past the statute of limitations. It took me almost 25 years to confront my abuser and, sadly, I am in the minority. Most victims never do. Please stop delivering potential victims directly to him,as that, in my opinion, makes you equally as guilty!